Par-Q Forms

The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) is a 1-page form to see if you should check with your doctor before becoming much more physically active.

Click HERE for PAR-Q forms.


First Aid/CPR Requirements

Obtain CPR and First Aid Certifications
Exercise Practitioners are required to have a current CPR certification (level A or higher) and for Personal Trainers,  a current First Aid certification (Emergency First Aid or higher) also.
OFC members can renew and maintain current and active status without valid CPR and or First Aid requirements, but cannot instruct, coach, or train clients until CPR/First Aid criteria is valid and active. We recommend keeping your first aid current for all members as most employers require it anyways as part of the workplace regulations.
OFC Registered Health and Exercise Practitioners,  and specialty module course participants are required to have current CPR and *First Aid certifications at all times. These certifications must come from approved organizations or from companies who are authorized by them to provide these certifications: See List below
These first aid training providers offer First Aid/CPR certifications that have met our criteria.  *Online first aid and/or cpr courses are not sufficient in meeting OFC criteria.

Insurance Information
Click HERE for OFC - HUB TOS Exercise and Fitness Insurance Program  - Ontario.

General Liability:  provides protection for practitioners for non professional liability exposures associated with serving clients. For example, the liability for clients falling and being injured which arises out of the insured's conduct. The policy also extends to include such coverage as libel and slander and products liability. This covers "slips & falls" while in a premise & under the care of a therapist.  This allows them to be portable & mobile, operating out conglomerate medical clinics, facilities, churches or attend peoples homes, etc.

Professional Liability: Through your actions or non-actions you cause "injury" to a third party during the course of your professional service. (Exercise prescription based on a members scope of practice)